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Established in 1996, guarantees the best prices for hotels, apartments, and other properties around the world.

Gillian Tans

“We benefit from the collective voice of our teams around the world to help us move faster as a global organization innovating for our customers. We love having our teams feel a bit closer on Workplace while we help our customers to travel the globe.“

Inspiration to Change
Maintain culture

As it grew, the company wanted to maintain an entrepreneurial, collaborative culture and ensure continuity between the global hub and regional markets.

Align communication with culture

Traditional communication, including top-down broadcasts and email lists, couldn’t support the company’s business needs.

Modernize tools

As a company that values bottom-up collaboration, needed the tools to help develop this culture.

Key Results
Product development

With Workplace, employees shared how they delivered amazing travel experiences. This sparked a global conversation about improving the product through better personalisation, later realized through a hackathon.

More voices

The new US Brand Director used Workplace to hold a virtual brainstorm. During this four-hour session, employees across 8 countries came together to share perspectives.

Breaking down information silos

Customer Service staff have critical insights from consumer opinion. They now have a place to engage with peers and provide key feedback to improve the product and serve customers better.

Company-wide celebrations

The company created a virtual celebration for their One Million Properties milestone. 2000 employees came together to share their stories.


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Danone is a leading global food company. Through its commitment to business success and social progress, the company is on a mission to build a healthier future through better health, better lives and a better world.

Francisco Camacho
Executive Vice President - Waters

“At Danone, we truly value and encourage innovative ways of working. In the context of our ever-increasing digital mind set, our 100,000 Danoners across the globe will now get to experience the next level of digital collaboration easily and simply.”

Inspiration to Change
A better way to communicate

Danone’s previous communication platforms had low engagement rates due to lackluster user experience and lack of intuitiveness.

A new way of connecting

The company wanted to enhance Danoners’ digital experience and culture by connecting its 100,000 employees, from headquarters to field operations around the world.

Share knowledge

Danone wanted all employees to contribute and share ideas, and benefit from the knowledge of others.

Key Results
Igniting information sharing

Danone's fifteen directors use Workplace to cut down on email, share competitive intelligence and discuss issues, despite being spread across the world.


Workplace has fostered a stronger sense of community across geographies and departments. From using groups for teams and projects to informal likes and comments on posts, employees come closer together.

Project management

Workplace has cut down large group calls and meetings. It provides one central location to post meeting minutes and gather feedback.


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An Iceland-based logistics and shipping company operating out of 19 countries.

Gylfi Sigfússon
President and CEO

“It's a way for us to be a more efficient global operation. The bonus is that we’re closer as a company than ever before.”

Inspiration to Change
Global coordination

Connecting teams around the world to the same information at the same time was challenging, especially when speed and consistency were important.

Easy, familiar, mobile

No tools used previously matched the ease and familiarity of Workplace, especially on mobile.

Key Results
From the CEO to the vessels

Now everyone across global offices, home offices, on the docks and on the vessels can connect and communicate simply and effectively. Eimskip is now broadcasting company announcements using Facebook Live. Employees watch from wherever they are and ask questions and interact in real-time.

Operations made easier

Captains and truck drivers use groups to keep teams updated about critical operations. For example, “The Vessel Operations group” posts ship movements more easily than the previous communication platform.

Faster responses

As one of Iceland’s largest companies, getting timely information out to the media is vital. The communication team relies on their “First Responders” group to share media updates quickly.

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Online retailer working directly with innovative designers and hand-picked manufacturers to offer affordable, designer furniture.

Annabel Kilner
Commercial Director

“We're making a great place to work. Our ideas and our inspiration are improving constantly, and we continue to be a company to watch.”

Inspiration to Change
Managing growth

Like any fast-paced, growing business, relies on tight collaboration and communication. They wanted a world of fewer emails, but the tools they’d tried failed to gain adoption.

Preserving culture

The company wanted to hold on to their culture, even through exponential growth.

Key Results
Inspiring teams

Coworkers feel closely connected, no matter where they sit in the building. Groups are used to fuel company culture, and inspire staff to meet their objectives.

Market insights reinvented their “competitor watch” email list as a hugely active Workplace group. People post updates of competitor activity, providing valuable insights to the marketing and product teams.

A picture is worth 1000 words

Workplace’s support for photos, videos, and live broadcast have transformed collaboration for a business so reliant on visual communication.

Royal National Institute of Blind People

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Royal National Institute of Blind People

RNIB is a UK charity dedicated to making every day better for everyone affected by sight loss.

Clive Gardiner
Group Head of Digital and Content

“For the first time, all RNIB employees can collaborate, participate and share ideas. We’ve never had this level of flexibility and accessibility for our blind and partially sighted staff. Workplace has unified different parts of the organization – cutting through hierarchy.”

Inspiration to Change
Better collaboration

RNIB wanted to improve collaboration and connect everyone across a diverse national organization.

Easier collection of information

Radio is especially important for blind and partially sighted people. RNIB wanted to make it easier to source, create and curate exciting content for its national radio station.

Erosion of institutional knowledge

Employees found it difficult to learn about the organization. In some cases, staff took valuable knowledge with them when they left.

Key Results

With Workplace’s accessibility tools, all RNIB employees are able to better communicate with each other. Blind and partially sighted staff regularly share tips, tricks and solutions.

Crowdsourcing ideas

Staff can connect and meet virtually to suggest story ideas and enhance the content of RNIB Connect Radio.

Enhancing fundraising

RNIB's fundraising team harnesses the creativity of other colleagues when brainstorming ideas for new campaigns.

Retaining institutional knowledge

Workplace’s has become a searchable information repository so that institutional knowledge can be captured, shared and retained.

Volkswagen Group Ireland

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Volkswagen Group Ireland

Responsible for sales, distribution, marketing and public relations for Volkswagen brands in Ireland, including Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Audi, SEAT and SKODA.

Lars Himmer

"We’re proud to be the first brand in Ireland to use Workplace. We’re committed to creating a workplace that fosters innovation and ideas from within. Joining the digital conversation is critical to building the Volkswagen Group of the future."

Inspiration to Change
Dismantle silos

Despite everyone working in the same building, there was little collaboration between different brands.

Fuel digital capability

Building digital literacy supported the strategic plan to find and grow innovation within the company.

Break with tradition

The deeply-traditional automotive industry would benefit from modern, digital approaches.

Key Results
Energized and empowered employees

Employees have embraced the platform, with over 95% using Workplace to communicate and collaborate. Everyone is part of the conversation. New recruits feel like they’ve been given a gift.

Efficiency, not emails

Efficiency is up and emails are down. Targeted communication to relevant groups is replacing large distribution lists.

Leading the next generation workplace

Workplace makes the CEO and leadership team more accessible. It shows that management is leading with a forward-thinking vision of the future.



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BRAC is a development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty, based in Bangladesh. Workplace has been rolled out to 10,000 employees.

Kam Morshed
Director, Advocacy for Social Change, Technology and Partnership Strengthening Unit

“Workplace helps our organization coordinate to bring help to people in need, and make real-time decisions that impact lives.”

Inspiration to Change
Better communication, less confusion

BRAC struggled with finding a way to share major announcements with every employee at once.

Need for real-time response

BRAC lacked a real-time platform to coordinate global response in times of crisis.

Key Results
Transparency and authentic leadership

BRAC created a group to share messages from the executive director and gather feedback on major announcements and plans. One such post cleared misconceptions about a specific tax ruling.

Bridging management and field

BRAC uses groups for program teams to communicate, such as for the ‘emergency response’ team helping the districts of Bangladesh suffering from flooding. District representatives share updates in real-time and post photos, allowing senior management to witness the situation and quickly provide guidelines to field staff.


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BurgerFuel is a gourmet burger brand with a focus on natural ingredients. Workplace has been rolled out to its 2500 staff across 83 stores in six countries.

Josef Roberts

“No matter how good our burgers are, BurgerFuel is nothing without engaged, motivated, invigorated staff. They craft the burgers, deliver exceptional customer service, run our stores efficiently, and amplify the culture of the brand.”

Inspiration to Change
Centralize communications

BurgerFuel needed an easy way for the global workforce to stay engaged, share news, and spread company culture.

The right online tool

The tool had to feel familiar to gain adoption with employees.

Key Results
Online home

Workplace is now the home of BurgerFuel’s staff engagement program. Franchisees and store managers create groups to share important updates, fill shifts, and run team-building initiatives. Teams feel connected even when they are working different shifts.

Global connections

Workplace allows BurgerFuel to speak to staff around the world. Employees collaborate, give feedback to head office, and contribute to other parts of the business.

Amplifying culture

Workplace has strengthened BurgerFuel’s culture. The platform rewards high-performing staff and reinforces operational initiatives.

Great content, not email clutter

Workplace has reduced email clutter, allowing teams to share articles and ideas, run brainstorming sessions, and get peer feedback - all in one place. It gives BurgerFuel’s marketing teams access to images, videos, and news to share through other channels.

Countdown Supermarkets

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Countdown Supermarkets

Countdown Supermarkets (Progressive Enterprises) is one of New Zealand’s largest employers, with over 18,000 people across supermarkets, support offices, distribution centres, meat and seafood plants.  184 Countdown Supermarkets serve 2.7 million customers each week.

Dan Chasemore
Internal Communications Manager

“Workplace connects our large and diverse team. It’s natural and easy and helps us deliver a better customer experience in our stores.”

Inspiration to Change
Keep teams informed

With teams spread across the country, Countdown needs to get the right messages to the right audiences, fast.

Keep employees engaged

Traditional communication channels weren’t keeping teams connected to Countdown’s strategy. Just 15% of employees were signed up to regular online internal communications.

Key Results
Enjoyable and engaging

After six weeks, Workplace communications received nearly four times more views than the previous channel. Teams described the platform as easy to use and enjoyable.

Faster responses

An urgent risk involving counterfeit currency was quickly communicated to 150+ checkout operators, minimising risk to business and customers. News of a national avocado shortage was spread to produce managers, with quirky content about avocado substitutes – much more engaging and motivating than using emails.

Employee pride

The ability to collaborate, share and celebrate across stores improved team engagement. Metrics around job satisfaction and company pride increased significantly.

What’s next?

Initially a trial project, Countdown is now rolling out Workplace to all remaining stores.

FWD Group

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FWD Group

A pan-Asian insurer focused on fresh customer experiences with simple products supported by leading digital technologies.

Huynh Thanh Phong
Group CEO

“FWD's vision is to change the way people feel about insurance, and this starts with our people. Workplace allows them to be connected, informed and engaged, so we can deliver on our promise to our customers.”

Inspiration to Change
Modern communication

FWD needed to prove its technology-driven approach to its own employees. They wanted a communication platform superior to traditional intranets, and without the associated time and cost of bespoke development.

Key Results
Empowering the digital employee

Every FWD employee now has a voice. For their mobile workforce, no other platform provides the same powerful capabilities.

Leading beyond language barriers

Workplace’s translation feature allows the leadership team to understand staff sentiment by bridging language barriers.

Inspiring events

Events are now planned and managed on Workplace, with employees holding discussions before and after the event. Questions posted during leadership conferences become a permanent knowledge repository. Employees have also used Workplace to build a team-building game, showcasing the platform’s flexibility.

Government Technology Agency

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Government Technology Agency

(formerly Infocomm Development Authority Singapore)

The Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) was formed after a restructure in 2016 to lead digital transformation of the public sector.

Jacqueline Poh
Chief Executive Officer

“Workplace is helping us to break down walls as we focus on our mission as one team. We are making it easier for everyone to communicate, collaborate and stay united as we tackle the challenges ahead.”

Inspiration to Change
Harness technology as one team

GovTech needed to keep people across 60 sites productive, collaborative and connected as one team.

Transform mindsets

The Agency wanted a mobile platform to inspire and engage staff in co-creating GovTech's Vision, Mission, and Values during the transformation journey.

Key Results
Bringing employees on the journey

GovTech uses Workplace to share visionary thinking, inviting employees to co-create the new identity. The poll feature helped staff decide the recreation club’s name and logo.

Sharing inspirations

GovTech shares updates and gathers inspiring stories of people who embody the agency's values. Leaders use Workplace to recognize “behind-the-scenes” achievements. 

Empowerment through conversations

Internal communications are more targeted and natural. Employees feel empowered to comment and react to Workplace posts more easily than with emails.

Humanising leadership

Leaders use Workplace to post personal reflections, such as when CEO Jacqueline Poh shared a moving tribute to late Singapore President S.R. Nathan.


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Jugnoo is India’s leading on-demand auto-rickshaw app. Founded in 2014, Jugnoo has grown quickly to over 300 employees.

Chinmay Agarwal

"Workplace helps our business grow through efficient team communication and collaboration across locations and functions. Our employees are independently developing new ideas to drive our dynamic business."

Inspiration to Change
Keep pace with growth

Jugnoo’s growth created a dynamic work culture. Email was too time-consuming. Employees needed a simple way to communicate and share quickly.

Bring teams closer

With employees spread across cities, Jugnoo wanted teams to feel closer as they work together.

Key Results
Team collaboration

Teams are closer and more engaged, sharing knowledge more effectively. Workplace makes it easy to find and contact colleagues in different cities to share initiatives and updates. 79% of employees use Workplace on mobile, and regularly use messaging and group voice calls on Work Chat.

Visibility = fewer meetings

Groups, Work Chat and live broadcasting help keep employees up-to-date with company news. Workplace eliminates the need for large, time-consuming meetings.

Idea generation.

Workplace encourages employees of all levels to share their ideas. A group called “Idea Generation” is the home of new suggestions.

Connecting with leadership.

Live video gives Town Hall sessions a new, interactive dimension. Employees tune in and connect with the leadership team from wherever they are.


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Rolling out Australia's largest-ever infrastructure project to provide every Australian fast broadband by 2020.

Karina Keisler
Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs

“Workplace has given over 6,000 of our people a greater voice. Regardless of geography, seniority or role, we now have equal access to each other, our insights and stories.”

Inspiration to Change
Work together

Operating in a dynamic, rapid growth environment, nbn needed a way to unite as one team.

Work smarter

Outdated communication systems impacted productivity by creating information silos, meeting turnstiles and mountains of email.

Keep pace with growth

They had outgrown existing tools and were ready to empower teams to share their expertise, knowledge and ideas.

Key Results
From the field to Workplace

Information no longer cascades down hierarchical channels. Instead, everyone is equally empowered to share updates, pose questions or seed ideas, whether they’re in outback Australia or in a major city.

Speed, agility and results

A platform redesign launch was fast-tracked as a pilot project on Workplace, which eliminated email trails and meetings.

Crowd wisdom, team productivity

The IT team moved their support request queues to a Workplace group. Issues were shared and email significantly reduced. A surprise added benefit was the power of crowd wisdom, with users assisting each other and a dynamic FAQ generated by the community.


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SEAOIL is an oil and gas company in the Philippines. Workplace has been rolled out to their entire workforce of over 600 employees.

Francis Glenn Yu

“At SEAOIL Philippines, we use Workplace to make quicker decisions, track employee sentiment, and foster camaraderie among our people. Through Workplace, we’re a better business and a better employer.”

Inspiration to Change
Voices were not heard

Before Workplace, SEAOIL leadership could not efficiently collect feedback from employees.

Decision bottlenecks

SEAOIL struggled to manage projects and share information efficiently. Major project decisions were made only during in-person meetings.

Key Results
Creating connections

SEAOIL employees created over 100 project, social and discussion groups, helping to engage the 76% millennials in the workforce.

Better project management

Discussions and files shared in groups lead to faster decisions. Video conferences over Work Chat keep conversation moving. The ‘Retail Development’ group closes the feedback loop on each program implemented using Workplace.

Employee engagement

Human Resources uses Workplace to understand employee sentiment toward significant events, such as the 2016 national elections.

Sharing interests

SEAOIL values work-life balance and encourages employees to use Workplace as a platform to share interests, build relationships, and to develop skills. Employees come together through shared passions on both work interests and hobbies.

Sterlite Power Transmission

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Sterlite Power Transmission

Sterlite Power is a leading provider of transmission solutions for the power industry with over 800 employees around the world.

Pratik Agarwal

“We have team members in multiple locations, often in challenging terrains with limited connectivity. Workplace helps us all collaborate and allows leadership to feel the pulse of the organization in real-time.”

Inspiration to Change
Drive to connect teams

Teams at Sterlite Power are distributed across many locations and project sites, and struggled to connect and collaborate together.

Limited visibility and engagement

Challenging geography and distance made it difficult for leadership to track projects and communicate with employees.

Key Results
Operational visibility

Teams share videos from drones that scan remote power lines and sites, creating visibility and improving operations.

Powering collaboration

Teams use discussions in Workplace groups to replace in-person meetings, sharing notes and meeting minutes in real-time. Workplace’s familiar and intuitive features made adoption easy, with 90% using Workplace the first week of launch.

Boosting the bottom line

Information now flows seamlessly through the company so decisions can be made quickly, saving money and time.

Focus on culture and talent

Every employee can use Workplace to interact directly with the leadership team from the office to the shop floor. The culture of respect and fun is amplified with the help of Workplace. Regular brainstorming in open groups helps to nurture and uncover talent.


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An outsourced contact center partner helping customers around the world to grow and nurture their business.

Steve Hennerley

“Our customers succeed when we respond quickly. This is the first communication platform to meet our requirements. It’s intuitive and familiar, allowing us to communicate effectively and with speed.”

Inspiration to Change
Communications, Communications and Communications!

Handling projects and clients across multiple locations, communication has always been Telnet’s greatest challenge.

The right tool for the job

A history of expensive solutions which failed to solve the communication problem.

Key Results
Fewer meetings

The development team uses a group to share and discuss ideas, mockups and documents, eliminating meetings and email chains.

Moving faster

The support team uses a Referral & Escalation group to escalate questions. The agent is tagged in the response. The entire group is searchable so that Team Leads no longer have to hunt through old email threads to find information.

Keep the team together

The CEO’s weekly video-streamed “Huddle” is made available in the All-Company group for staff who missed the live broadcast because they were on the phones working or not “on shift” at the time. Home and remote workers feel part of the team.

Anytime, anywhere

The 24x7 support team relies heavily on Workplace’s mobile app and Work Chat messaging to stay connected and answer unexpected and urgent questions.

University of New England

AustraliaRead More

University of New England

The University of New England is Australia's oldest regional university, established in 1938. Workplace is rolled out to all 1,400 staff members.

Robert Irving
Director of Information Technology

“Workplace has allowed our distributed University staff to increase efficiency, decrease email and collaborate and participate, wherever they are.”

Inspiration to Change
Bring teams together

In this highly-siloed organization, communication was challenging and email ineffective. UNE needed a way for staff to work better together on organizational challenges.

Key Results
Fewer emails

With students spread across a large campus, the University uses Workplace to share knowledge and skills more efficiently than email. Groups for cross-functional departments decrease the dependency on email.

Maximizing meetings

Management uses Workplace to lead more efficient team meetings. Staff members propose agenda items and share minutes in the event discussion thread.

More participation

University events are streamed live to Workplace so that all staff can participate, from wherever they are.


People across the University are using their profiles to share more about themselves, building a stronger sense of community.

Vision India Foundation

IndiaRead More

Vision India Foundation

Vision India Foundation is a non-profit technology initiative giving young people the chance to impact public policy and help build a modern nation. Workplace was rolled out to 800 employees, alumni, and volunteers.

Shobhit Mathur
Executive Director

“It’s important to stay in touch with our program's alumni and volunteers. Workplace is the only solution we have tried that has allowed our global network to stay connected. It has lowered organizational costs and the time we spend in meetings.”

Inspiration to Change
Connecting global alumni

Vision India wants to connect and mentor alumni and volunteers around the world.

Key Results
Easy adoption, on-the-go

Employees, alumni, and volunteers quickly adopted familiar features like events, groups, chat, and Live. Volunteers use the mobile app to stay connected, wherever they are.

Reduced organization costs

Phone bills are down 60 percent. Groups and Work Chat have significantly reduced time spent in meetings.


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Established in 2004, YES BANK has grown quickly to become the fifth largest private sector bank in India with over 17,000 employees.

Deodutta Kurane
Group President, Human Capital Management

“As a modern bank, we want to be relevant to our young and tech-savvy workforce. Through Workplace we drive innovation, engagement, team collaboration, motivation and efficiency across our organisation.”

Inspiration to Change
Youthful culture

YES BANK's employees are on average 31 years old, most comfortable with online mobile communication.

Conversations, not emails

Email made collaboration cumbersome. The company wanted to share ideas and best practices, organize discussion forums, and offer instant feedback.

Challenge of distance

Given their network of over 900 branches spread across India, YES BANK wanted teams to feel closer, more engaged, and free to work together.

Key Results
Engagement = alignment

Every YES BANK employee activated their Workplace account within 45 days of launch. By holding discussions, expressing their views, and using groups to share feedback, they are helping the company to align.

Bringing teams closer

Executive announcements create an opportunity for conversation and feedback in group posts, very different from one-way email announcements.

Boosting operations

Workplace has become an effective platform for launches, making employees aware of new products and services. Communication has improved across business units, ensuring best practices are not kept in silos.

Yoma Bank

MyanmarRead More

Yoma Bank

Yoma Bank is one of Myanmar’s largest private banks, with 2,800 employees and over 60 branches nationwide.

Hal Bosher

“Workplace has brought Yoma Bank into the digital age by allowing everyone at the company to connect in ways previously impossible. Our 2,800 employees now consume information, share their views, and have a voice.”

Inspiration to Change
The digital age

With less than 20 percent of the company connected online, Yoma Bank had to reach employees through printed newsletters.

Remove barriers to communication

Only management had access to email, and size limits on file sharing hampered communication to branches.

Key Results
Bringing the company together

For the first time, employees are connected online. Idea-sharing has increased across the entire company, while travel costs have reduced.

Leading with transparency

Hal Bosher, CEO, interacts with employees daily, sharing insightful industry articles, motivational messages, and interesting stories from his business travels.

Fueling social good

Employees used Workplace to conduct donation campaigns, raising 553,500.00 Kyats (equivalent to USD $1,300) in 10 days for flood relief in Myanmar.

Connecting the field

The Head of Construction uses groups to shares updates of new branch construction projects. The Learning and Training Center shares fun programs for branch staff to learn about the bank’s products.

Finding talent

The HR department posts vacancies in the Recruiting Group, making it easier to get the word out.


Canadian Tire

CanadaRead More

Canadian Tire

With banners including Canadian Tire, Sport Chek, Mark’s and Atmosphere, 90 percent of Canadians live within 15 minutes of this iconic retail store.

Chris Main
VP of Digital Technology, FGL Sports (a division of Canadian Tire)

“Our cross-Canada communications team of 15 will eliminate around 780 meeting hours a year by collaborating real-time in a Workplace group instead of a weekly meeting.”

Inspiration to Change
A better intranet

Canadian Tire wanted to replace five ageing intranets with a single tool for better communication and collaboration across the entire company. Building a cross-enterprise intranet would be a multi-million dollar project.

Breaking down barriers

With a large workforce across multiple brands, employees found it difficult to stay connected. Opportunities were limited to share ideas and collaborate.

Key Results
One company united

Company-wide announcements have replaced emails sent to separate business units. When Rosie McLennan – former Canadian Tire employee and current ambassador for their Jumpstart charity – became Canada’s flag-bearer at the 2016 Rio Olympics, the CEO shared the news across the corporation, generating comments and reactions that unified employees through a shared passion for sport.

Ideas from everywhere

The company taps into pre-market customer insights using groups. From merchandise teams using polls in groups for immediate product feedback, to digital developers engaging employees as user experience testers.

Speeding up information

When a customer service rep posted a question, the e-Commerce Manager of a different business unit answered within hours, advising that a solution had been implemented.

Columbia Sportswear

USARead More

Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear Company is a leader in active lifestyle apparel with a global portfolio of brands. Founded in 1938 in Portland, Oregon, the company's brands are today sold in approximately 100 countries.

Richelle Luther
SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer

“Workplace helps our employees connect and visually showcases our global teams. We’re breaking down silos, communicating across functions and driving engagement, especially amongst our remote employee populations. It has definitely ignited our spirit of fun.”

Inspiration to Change
Limited ways to connect and collaborate

The company had limited means to communicate with employees, including remote sales representatives and store management teams.

Key Results
Efficient communication

Using Workplace, the internal communications team have reduced emails by almost a third, from an average of 22.5 per month to just 14 per month.

Feedback loop

Workplace has made it easier to collect insights from remote employees and sales reps, helping the team at headquarters make better-informed decisions.

Better event participation

For the company’s annual volunteer day for Portland-based employees, all invitations were managed through Workplace, which increased registration numbers.

Igniting company culture

Employees share photos and comments from events across the company, strengthening Columbia’s culture.


ArgentinaRead More


MercadoLibre (MELI) is the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America, with 138 million users and over $7.2bn in gross merchandise volume. Workplace is used by all 3,700 employees across 13 countries.

Sebastián Fernández Silva
VP Human Resources

“Workplace has helped our business grow and improved efficiency by reducing unnecessary email. It helps our employees communicate across countries and has brought us closer together.”

Inspiration to Change
Unproductive emails

High-traffic, untargeted email groups made communication across countries and departments distracting and unproductive.

Ideas locked in silos

Business units were unaware of initiatives in other countries until well after launch.

Preserve culture

The company has grown quickly and was eager to hold onto their culture and connect Spanish and Portuguese-speaking employees.

Key Results
Relevant updates

MELI employees immediately took to Workplace. By using groups for each business, they find it easier to share updates with the right audience, reducing unnecessary or irrelevant email.

Breaking language barriers

Workplace’s auto-translate feature allowed Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking employees to share updates across language barriers.

Collaboration and business growth

Several business units grew significantly, simply because people found it easier to meet deadlines and get work done.

UST Global

USARead More

UST Global

UST Global delivers IT services to Fortune 500 customers in over 50 countries. Employees use Workplace to stay connected with teams and projects around the world.

Sunil Kanchi

“Workplace allows our most important asset — our people — to be effective and productive.”

Inspiration to Change
Drive to digital

UST Global was looking for a better communication and collaboration platform to help drive their digital transformation. Other tools had struggled to gain adoption.

Searching for the best tools

85% of their workforce is under 40. This young, highly-mobile workforce relied on personal tools to stay productive.

Discussions not emails

Collaboration by email was limited, with new ideas locked up inside departments and teams.

Key Results
Powering mobile teams

Workplace’s familiar and intuitive features aided rapid adoption with over 700 team and project groups started within the first two months. 25% the workforce travels regularly, using Workplace to stay connected and productive. Over 50% of Workplace usage is on mobile.

Decisions on the go

Senior leadership in the US, UK and India use Work Chat to make decisions and prepare meetings, wherever they are.

Unleashing ideas

Within the first week, a post in the 6,000 member ‘Innovation’ group shared information on a new technology under development in the field. This eliminated the need to complete a pending acquisition of a similar technology.

Weber Shandwick

USARead More

Weber Shandwick

One of the world’s leading global communications and engagement firms.

Chris Perry
Chief Digital Officer

“Being early adopters of new technologies like Workplace provides insight we can pass to clients looking for new ways to engage their most important stakeholders – in this case, employees.”

Inspiration to Change
To lead in innovation

As a social and digital agency, Weber Shandwick pursues partnerships to gather insight into new and engaging employee communication platforms.

To fuel internal collaboration

The company is always looking for innovative, effective communication tools that enhance its own highly collaborative and creative culture.

Key Results
Executive and employee engagement

Executive communications invite real-time feedback, improving on one-way, top-down emails. Weber Shandwick’s Chief Digital Officer hosts Q&A sessions about important new initiatives. Weber Shandwick’s CEO’s use of Live video also helps drive employee engagement with Workplace.

Sharing knowledge and best practices

Multimedia features make it easy to share case studies with all employees. Weber Shandwick employees use the platform to share creative, such as the work entered at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Servicing clients with speed

Senior client advisors use groups to quickly collaborate and solve problems for their clients. Near real-time communication is essential.

More deeply connected

An employee survey of pilot participants found nearly half of the employees felt closer to their global coworkers within a few months of using Workplace.

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